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Each couture jewelry porcelain piece began as seeds of inspiration from original paintings of a parallel world by Leah Smithson.  After a few sketches, a clay sculpture is developed as a model for future pieces to spring from. Each flower is delicately sculpted by hand, petal by petal to be translucent enough to carry the rays of the sun as it drapes around your body. Ultimately, all sculpted art pieces are carefully assembled into jewelry at our Los Angeles Arts District studio by artists that hold to a strong work ethic of quality design and craftsmanship.

With a background in the field of Graphic Design & as a fine artist, we've seen how companies have utilized the power of art to influence others. We don't design according to the mainstream. That would be boring. Our clients are classic, but extraordinary. We design for those who harness the power of art to inspire themselves and those they love. You see, having/wearing a piece of art that represents your personality, your story, channels your authentic self, making you confident and more creative day to day.

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