Vessel: Art as a Doorway Podcast(Explained)

This is the explanation of Vessel: Art as a Doorway Podcast. This is a podcast about art + your brain. It is an investigative discussion about the way people are using the arts to repair neural pathways, heal communities, and create empathy. Visual Artist Leah Smithson + Specials Procedures Technologist, Channing Smithson, partnered together to found the creative collaborative CLSS Studio. They strongly believe that purposeful art + design improves our lives. Leveraging both Leah's many years in the arts field and Channing's medical experience, they use their distinctive perspectives to transform environments into spaces that nourish inspiration, because genuine, passionate people can transform the world. @leahsmithsonart @justglazechanning

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Marnie Wardlaw
Very interested to hear what you have lined up! Sounds like it will be great content.šŸ‘šŸ½

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