Tyrown Vincent: Collecting Art For Love Not Money


What are the benefits of collecting art you love, and where can you find these treasures that inspire you day to day?   Tyrown Vincent owns  over 900 works of Art. Listen in on our conversation with him as he explains the adventure and pleasure of art collecting, as well as how anyone can start a collection. 



Father & Son
Fashion Week Frankfurt
Sculpture    „Le Minotaure, ca1981
Material     Bronce, green, partly. 24 kt. gold
Producer   Valsuani, Paris, Fondateur (Stamped)
„Cire C. Valsuani Perdue“


Title “no Titel“, 2018
Material String onCanvas, Resin
Artist Cesar Fernandez

“A Private Collection” Written by: Tyrown Vincent


Tyrown with the Artist Tamara Kvesitdaze 


Title: “We found a red planet in a black hole“, 2019
Series   Heros and Victims
Material     Paper, Pencil, Acrylic
Artist     Paris Giachoustidis

Photo from Open House 


Photo of official Image of my iniative „THE FRANKFURT ART EXPERIENCE”



Photo Anais (founder of Wynwood art week, Miami)  and Tyrown Vincent 


Tyrown Vincent & Private Collection


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