Joseph Morsman: The Hunt for Art History's Lost Stories from Female Artists



Ruth Miller Kempster, “Housewife” (circa 1935), oil on canvas


Finding lost treasure in the form of stories, Joseph Morsman has been restoring the art and narrative of female artists that have been written out of history. You won't believe the tales he reveals in this episode of Vessel: Art as a Doorway.

press release for the Moulton exhibition in San Clemente that has been extended through September 6, 2020


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Daisy M. Hughes, “Wrecking Old Chinatown, Los Angeles” (1951), oil on canvas board


Installation view of Something Revealed: California Women Artists Emerge, 1860-1960



Belle Goldschlager Baranceanu, Self-Portrait, c. 1920s, o/board, 12 x 9, private collection


Elsie Palmer Payne, Bus Stop (circa 1943). Photo courtesy of Maurine St. Gaudens.


Ruth A. Lindsay, Untitled (Mexican Street Scene), oil on artist board,

16 x 20, private collection

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